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An intro to the most common conditions!

Primary Care

Primary Care is essential to having a comprehensive look at your health. Having a primary care physician you trust and depend on is the key to maintaining your well being!


We are currently seeing all patients aged 15 & older

We are always accepting new patients!


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Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is one of the most common diseases affecting nearly half of adults in the United States. Hypertension is the gateway to many other cardiac diseases which can be prevented with optimizing your blood pressure!


It is vital to your health to have routine checks for your blood pressure with your healthcare provider.

Contact us today to schedule your Hypertension evaluation!


Roughly 15% of Americans — Adults & children included— have some form of diabetes. If you have diabetes, it can drastically increase your risk of developing heart and kidney disease and other chronic conditions.

We offer a comprehensive diabetes evaluation & treatments and can help you get your blood sugar under control. 


Call us today for an appointment for your diabetes evaluation!

Anxiety, Depression
ADHD & Insomnia

Anxiety, depression, ADHD & insomnia may occur together or separately. In any case, these disorders can disrupt a patient’s & their family's life significantly.


Our team offers a complete evaluation and effective treatment options for patients with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and insomnia.


Please contact us if you may be experiencing symptoms of these conditions for a comprehensive evaluation.

Annual Wellness Exam

It is highly important to have an annual wellness exam for keeping up to date on your health. 

When it is time for your annual wellness exam, we will comprehensively cover your required annual cancer screenings, vaccinations, family history, social habits and other health guidelines so you maintain an optimal lifestyle

Contact us today to schedule your annual wellness visit! 

Physical Exams & Medical Clearances

Getting a physical exam at least once a year helps your doctor detect minor health issues before they become major.

Medical clearances are required prior to any surgery which also require a complete physical exam by your PCP.

We offer full physical exams for adults age 15 and older. If you are due for a sports physical, work physical, or pre-operative medical clearance, book an appointment with us!

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